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Seven Year Old Endurance Rider, Vitamins and Minerals and Horse Forums for Dec 16, 2019 by Omega Alpha Equine

Today we meet seven year old endurance rider Liam and his Mom Rachael, Liam completed his first 30 mile ride with her this fall at Big South Fork, TN.   Dr. Chang of Omega Alpha Equine shares why it is important to have a good combination of vitamins and minerals in your horses’ diet.  Plus, Equestrian First World Problems and DeAnn from Horse Nation on horse forums and how little horse people make.  Listen in…

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Endurance: Mongol Derby Winner Robert Long, Long Distance Driver Angela Wood and Ride with GPS App for Sept. 10, 2019

Mongol Derby winner Robert Long tells us how he prepared and eventually won the Mongol Derby at the age of 70.  Angela Wood shares some stories from her 4,000 mile trek across the United States driving her pair of horses and we learn all about the App that is taking the long distance riding community by storm, Ride with GPS.  Listen in…

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Endurance Tip on Avoiding Equipment Failure, Product of the Month, and Ride Updates June 11, 2019

Karen catches us up on her adventures from the last month and shares an Endurance Tip on avoiding equipment failure. We’ll hear from Kristen about our Product of the Month. Mike Williams will join in to tell us how he recently rode his mustang a WHOLE LOT of miles from Norco to Bishop, CA. Cindy Collins comes on to talk about taking over ride management of the Big Horn 100 in Wyoming. Andrea Maitland gives us a ride report on a new ride in Arizona. And then, we’ll let you know about some upcoming events taking place all over the country. Listen in…

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Future of Endurance, Horse Longevity, AERC Champion Corcoran – Endurance Day for 10-09-18

On this Endurance episode Karen and Glenn chat with Claire Godwin, DVM about how she keeps her 27 year old horse Mercury happy and healthy; completing three different hundred mile rides in one season.  AERC National Champion Holly Corcoran recaps her win and we share our thoughts on the AERC’s open letter to USEF and what it could mean for the future of the sport.

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Viral Horse Riding Video, Endurance Race Training, and Really Bad Ads – 08-31-18 by Kentucky Performance Products

On today’s show, guest Donna Dodson Fraser, joins us out of Bakersfield to talk about her experience going viral with a video of her riding her horse and playing the violin at the same time. Karen Chaton gives us the scoop on training Thor to ride his first endurance race. And, we’ll give you the latest in Really Bad Ads. Listen in…

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07-11-2017 Endurance Day – WEG Contender Schick, Green Bean Endurance, Tom Quilty Gold Cup

On today’s endurance episode Karen’s recent adventures inspire listeners to share the oddest objects they’ve ever come across on the trail, Sarah Schick updates us on her bid for WEG 2018, Ricky Stone talks about the Green Bean Endurance program and Paul Sidio tells us about his trip down under to ride in the Tom Quilty Gold Cup. Listen in…

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05-09-2017 Endurance Day – Wildlife Encounters, Muddy Biltmore, Endurance Then and Now, Are We Improving?

Today’s Endurance episode starts with Karen Chaton’s advice for dealing with coyote encounters, Matt Scribner takes a philosophical look at endurance, Karen Bumgarner talks about how the sport has changed and the challenges of creating tracks for a ride, Lynne Gilbert shares her adventures at the recent Biltmore ride. Listen in…

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07-12-2016 – Endurance Day – Dr. Bullock on Beating the Heat, Crysta Turnage Tevis 2016, Valerie Ashker Update

On today’s Endurance Episode Karen catches us up on her latest riding adventures, Dr. Bullock explains heat acclimation and strategies for cooling your horse on the ride, Crysta Turnage tells us how we can follow along with our favorite Tevis Cup riders and we get an update from Valerie Ashker on her cross country ride. Listen in…

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HITM for 03-08-2016 by the AERC – Andrew Steen: Endurance Early Years, Gina Hall: To Finish is to Win

On today’s AERC Endurance Episode we’re all over the map, starting with a GPS tip from Karen then it’s a quick stop in Spain for a chat with Andrew Steen about his role in the early development of endurance riding and Gina Hall in Nevada brings it all back to center with a chat about what ‘To Finish is to Win’ really means. Listen in…

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HITM for 02-09-2016 by the AERC – Things Endurance Riders Know, Trilby 1/4 Way to the Moon, Nick on Common Groundsel

This month’s AERC Endurance episode with Karen Chaton chuckle over a list of things only Endurance Riders know, get to know Trilby Pederson, a women who has ridden the equivalent to 1/4 of the way to the moon and Nick Warhol tells the harrowing tale of how his horses were poisoned by common groundsel. Listen in…

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