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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday brings you Jamie and Glenn.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we have the following special programming:


Take Your Horse Race Betting to the Next Level at the Grand National

Horse race betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world. Every day there are horse races that take place all over the globe and punters wager billions of pounds on the sport of kings. One of the biggest horse race meetings of 2020 will be the Grand National at Aintree. Horse racing enthusiasts can get the latest bet bonuses with Bet365 Grand National betting and wager on the horse they believe will win the big race in April.

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Top Five Horse Races Of The Decade: Who Makes The Final List?

With only months till the end of the decade, it’s been ten years since creating a list like this one. This list features Britain’s best horse races witnessed in the 2010s, with the main criterion used in highlighting them being the races that are still fresh in most people’s minds. It’s a personal list to some level, though most of you will agree that these races were great. You can also add your list to the comments as you enjoy the best offers for the Grand National events.

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Driving Episode: Goliath the Fire Horse, On the Carriage, Live Oak and the Yin and Yang Feb. 6, 2020

Kathleen Haak tells the story Goliath, the hero of the Great Baltimore fire of 1904. Glenn does an interview on a carriage, pulled by a pair of Clydesdales, with Heather and David Schneider and Keady Cadwell gives us tips about how to beat those winter blues in your training and we preview Live Oak International. On the TCVM segment we review the basics of TCVM, what is Yin and Yang anyway? Want to find out ? Listen in….

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