HITM for 01-21-2014 by Revitavet – Certified Horsemanship Assn. Exercises for Strength, Flexibility, Focus

figure 8 diagram exercise

Today Chirsty Landwehr from the Certified Horsemanship Assn. joins us for a fun filled learning adventure.  We start out with some great exercises for horse and rider that  improve flexibility and core strength.  In the second half of the show several great dressage oriented exercises to improve strength and flexibility.  Listen in...

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  1. I learnt more about what our daughter does.Very interesting and informative even for a non-riding Mom.

  2. I so enjoyed co-hosting this show with Glenn. We are very excited about doing this show once a month on the third Tuesday of every month. In February we have Julie Goodnight from CO and Jody Taylor from TX talking about cantering exercises. Please listen in! Oh and THANKS MOM!

  3. I have known Christy for ten years or so. I was referred to Christy for lessons by a friend and I have been grateful for that referral ever since. I don't think that you can have a better person on your show on a regular basis, her equine knowledge is voluminous and her ability to explain what's what (and why) is great. And just to show that you learn something new everyday, I had no idea that Christy was once a Stable Wench (explains much, but still surprising).

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