HITM for 01-02-2014 – Year of the Horse, Horsey Resolutions, 50 to 1 Producer Jim Wilson


Following a quick review of the most recent horse-y headlines, Glenn gives a short course on The Year of the Horse.  New year's resolutions horse-y or otherwise are discussed next, with some hilarious results.  Next Oscar winning producer Jim Wilson (Dances With Wolves), joins us for an insiders look at 50 to 1, his new movie about 2009 Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird which opens in theaters in March.  Listen in... 

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  1. I loved this interview, especially the part with Jim Wilson about 50 to 1 and how they picked the horse to play Mine That Bird (Sunday Rest) and about Mark Allen (played by Christian Kane); and I loved the part about Dances With Wolves and how Two Socks didn't really die!! Can't wait for 50 to 1 to come out in the spring!!!

  2. Thank you for interviewing Jim Wilson on the movie 50 to 1. It is always great to hear how a movie came about from getting to know Jim & his past to making the movie in itself. I also want to say that Jim Wilson when he was filming Dances with Wolves - that this movie was filmed in my hometown of Pierre/Ft Pierre, South Dakota. It really put my town on the map even though it is the capitol of SDakota - it was a very busy summer with all the actors and extras in town - VERY EXCITING! I now can't wait to see 50 to 1 that has two of my favorite actors (Christian Kane as Mark Allen and Skeet Ulrich as Chip Woolley) in the movie with Jim Wilson producing it. This is a the Year of the Horse and so it makes perfect sense to have 50 to 1 being released in March 2014. Thanks again for the interview.

  3. Great interview . . . love to hear Jim Wilson talk about his movies and horses; his enthusiasm for #50to1 the movie is contagious. Can't wait to see this #feelgoodflick when it hits theaters!

  4. Awesome to hear from Jim Wilson about the movie 50 to 1! Can hardly stand the wait!

  5. This is awesome, and I cant wait to see the movie. As an avid horselover I am so glad that a horse like Mine that Bird had such a big heart. He showed what love and compassion can do. I cannot wait to see this movie and share the joy as he crosses that finish line. I watched the real race and was on the edge of my seat yelling and cheering and crying as he won!! Gotta love that. And the cast is awesome. stellar characters will make this a MUst See must Buy movie!!

  6. Year of the Horse? As Jim Wilson carts Mine ThT Bird around to promote his movie? Bird's owner was Expert Witness foe Valley Meat, horses for slaughTer in Roswell NM , in walking distance from Bird's stall. Who does Wilson think he is kidding?

  7. Great show and interview with Jim Wilson! I laughed so hard with Jamie singing Whitney Houston with abandon over Jen's ad - you guys are so fun!

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