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06-19-17 by Omega Alpha Equine – AHP Awards, Reducing Stress, Sugarbush Harlequin Draft, Equestrian’s Bizarre Fears

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition Jamie has a big announcement after we do some tasteful gloating over Horse Radio Network’s big win at the American Horse Publications conference; Dr. Chang talks about reducing your horse’s stress and Stephanie reveals the history of the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Association. Listen in…

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06-16-17 by Kentucky Performance Products – Live from American Horse Publications Conference

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products edition Jamie and Glenn are at the American Horse Publications conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Guests include Sarah Conrad from All In Stride Marketing, award winning Jr. Journalists Annise and Kayce, Cindy Rullman from The Brooke USA, Christy Landwehr of Certified Horsemanship Association, Jennifer Denisin Editor of Western Horseman Magazine, Jim Masterson, Rachel and Jessica from Chrome Magazine, Shelly from Ride the Sky. Listen in…

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Classic Re-visit – On today’s NATRC Trail Ride episode by Riding Warehouse Alice and Glenn cover a summer trail choice check list and 12 ways to put good sportsmanship into action. Susan Bodenmiller on riding in Bulgaria & Costa Rica and how she stays active in the saddle despite a serious back injury and Brie from Riding Warehouse on balancing her horse habit and busy career. Listen in…

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06-14-2017 by HORSELOVERZ.COM – Tom Hagwood Mustang Stories & Advice, Summer Sores, Heels Down Mag: U.S. or Europe

On today’s edition guest co-host Dr. Wendy Ying explains Summer Sores, legendary Mustang trainer Tom Hagwood talks about how he got started with Mustangs and has some advice on picking one out for yourself and Caroline from Heels Down Magazine leads a lively discussion about training and competing abroad. Listen in…

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06-12-17 by Omega Alpha Equine – Zeus’ Tight Spot, AZ Dude Ranches, Rachel & Clare Mongol Derby Advice

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition we review our Belmont picks and learn the details about Zeus’ tight spot, Tamara Lawson from the Arizona Dude Ranch Association talks about land locked all inclusive vacations and Horse Nation’s Leslie is joined by fellow Mongol Derby entrants Rachel and Clare a.k.a team Strong and Crazy. Listen in…

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06-08-2017 Mary Kitzmiller Training by Horseware – James Shaw on Feel, Energy Plus Tarp Troubles, Canter Work

On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode by Horseware we wax poetic about crazy neighbors, James Shaw talks about feel and energy in the saddle and the value of being teachable and Mary answers listener questions about tarp work, when to ask for the correct lead and teaching chickens to play the piano. Listen in…

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