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Mary Kitzmiller: Clinic Review, Teaching Collection, Stillness As A Reward, for July 6, 2023

Today’s listener Q&A with Mary Kitzmiller answers questions about collection and bridling fussy horses. Listener Dani stops by to chat about what she learned at Mary’s recent clinic plus offers advice to those who may want to organize a clinic in their home town. Our training tip deals with stillness, and how your horse can look at it as a reward. Listen in to find out!

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Mary Kitzmiller Horse Training: Schooling, Warming Up, Showing by Kentucky Performance Products for Apr 7, 2023

Mary recently attended the Southern Equine Expo and Road To The Horse. Some things that happened at these two events inspired todays conversation. Schooling your horse, warming him or her up for a competition or class, and then showing are equally important. We talk about what can go wrong, and how to make the most of each of these processes.

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Jerilyn Caldwell on Re-Starting Kill Pen Horses, Know What You’re Asking Your Horse, Mary Kitzmiller Training Oct. 10, 2019 by Horseware

We chat about the importance of knowing what your asking your horse to do and the aids or cues you’re using.  Guest Jerilyn Caldwell talks about restarting kill pen horses vs. a horse that is a blank canvas plus we learn about a cool clinic that both Jerilyn and show host Mary Kitzmiller are putting on in Texas.  Listener TJ calls in and Mary helps her figure out why a Haflinger mare is trying to bite and how to fix it.

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09-13-2018 Mary Kitzmiller Training by Horseware – James Shaw on Feel, Energy Plus Tarp Troubles, Canter Work

REVISIT:  On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode by Horseware we wax poetic about crazy neighbors, James Shaw talks about feel and energy in the saddle and the value of being teachable and Mary answers listener questions about tarp work, when to ask for the correct lead and teaching chickens to play the piano.  Listen in…

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