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07-11-2017 Endurance Day – WEG Contender Schick, Green Bean Endurance, Tom Quilty Gold Cup

On today’s endurance episode Karen’s recent adventures inspire listeners to share the oddest objects they’ve ever come across on the trail, Sarah Schick updates us on her bid for WEG 2018, Ricky Stone talks about the Green Bean Endurance program and Paul Sidio tells us about his trip down under to ride in the Tom Quilty Gold Cup. Listen in…

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07-12-2016 – Endurance Day – Dr. Bullock on Beating the Heat, Crysta Turnage Tevis 2016, Valerie Ashker Update

On today’s Endurance Episode Karen catches us up on her latest riding adventures, Dr. Bullock explains heat acclimation and strategies for cooling your horse on the ride, Crysta Turnage tells us how we can follow along with our favorite Tevis Cup riders and we get an update from Valerie Ashker on her cross country ride. Listen in…

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HITM for 07-14-2015 by the AERC – Tevis Endurance Day with Karen Chaton, Paul Sidio and Lisa Schneider

It’s Tevis Endurance Day with Karen Chaton as Karen announces she is doing the Tevis 100 again this year and there will be endurance riders in the Rose Bowl. Plus, we speak to Paul Sidio his completion of Australia’s Tom Quilty 100 mile Endurance Ride and Lisa Schneider tells us about the Tevis Educational Ride. Plus, Distance Depot on Beta Biothane for Endurance Riders. Listen in…

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HITM for 05-12-2015 – Endurance Day with Karen Chaton – Electrolytes for Horse & Human, Janet & Cathe Back in the Saddle, Rose Bowl Parade

Endurance Day with Karen Chaton opens with a chat about electrolytes for horses and humans with and Mike from Redmond. Dynamic duo Cathe & Janet talk about getting back in the saddle post kidney transplant and Gayle Pena tells us all about how groups are chosen for the Rose Bowl Parade. Listen in…

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