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HITM for 03-11-2014 by Action Rider Tack – Rider Recovery, Tellington-Jones book, How Many 100’s?

On today’s Action Rider Tack endurance episode Karen, as is her usual habit, opens the show with yet another smile inducing ride story followed up with some great rider ride recovery advice. Next up Shannon Weil tells us about her adventures with and book about Linda Tellington-Jones. Rounding out the show Connie Creech talks about riding seventy five 100 mile races, and why she wants to do more! Listen in…

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HITM for 02-11-2014 by Action Rider Tack – Connie Leads Century Club, Barbara White on Tevis Trail and Green Beans

On today’s Action Rider Tack endurance episode following a few endurance rider defining nuggets from Karen we’ll visit with Connie Berto for a chat about why she loves endurance riding so much and some of her favorite rides. Next up Barbara White provides an update on the conditions for the upcoming Tevis Cup race following the devastating fires in 2013. In the third half of the show we’ll look at Green Bean groups. Listen in…

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HITM for 01-14-2014 by Action Rider Tack – Karen’s List, New AERC Rules, Moving Up the Levels

Karen brings a fantastic list to open the show with a good laugh right before Susan Summers stops by for a chat about the FEI/AERC controversy over recent drugging allagations. The new owners of Action Rider Tack stop by in the middle half of the show to tell us about what’s new and rounding out the show Dennis Summers talks about moving up to the next level in endurance. Listen in…

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HITM for 10-08-2013 by Action Rider Tack – Endurance Prodigy Lacey, Endurance Legend Julie and Camping Advice

On today’s Action Rider Tack Tuesday edition 9 year old Endurance prodigy Lacey Bainbridge stops by for a quick chat about how much fun kids can have in endurance riding and following some endurance product talk and great advice, endurance legend Julie Suhr stops by to talk about how much fun an 80 year old can have in endurance riding. Listen in…

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HITM for 09-10-2013 by Action Rider Tack – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, NATRC Explained and Dr. Garlinghouse on Nutrition

Endurance Day co-host Karen Chaton opens the show with fantastic stories from the road and the cool competition venue she’s at right now in Utah. Also on the white board Jonni Jewel deciphers the NATRC and Dr. Susan Garlinghouse describes her feeding and nutrition regimen for her endurance horse. We also here from Renegade Hoof Boots inventor Kirt Lander. Listen in…

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The Cheltenham Gold Cup vs the Grand National in 2015

The Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National are without a doubt the two biggest dates in the British racing calendar. Each event brings with it some spectacular sights as well as some dramatic action on the racecourses themselves. For those not fortunate enough to attend the live events there’s always the appeal of taking part in a little gambling action. And unlike so many other events that you can bet on it seems everyone enjoys having a little fun and a flutter on these fantastic races.

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