05-19-17 by Kentucky Performance Products – Heartland’s Amber Marshall, Old Rotten Halter With Free Pony, Preakness Picks

HORSES IN THE MORNING by Horse Radio Network 05-19-17 by Kentucky Performance Products - Heartland's Amber Marshall, Old Rotten Halter With Free Pony, Preakness Picks 05-19-2017
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Today's Kentucky Performance Products episode we get to know Amber Marshall who plays Amy Fleming on the CBC hit TV show Heartland, really bad ads features an old rotten halter that comes with a free pony and we make our Preakness picks.  Listen in...

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 1701 - Show Notes and Links:

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  1. This is my first time Listening to your radio show loved listening to Amber Amarshall I started watching Heartland the year of 2014 and now I'm hooked I'm a big fan of Amber Marshall and Graham Wardel

  2. Hi everyone,
    Further to your interview about roping a horses feet. I understand your misgivings but my experience recently gave me an insight into the "why do it".
    My mare has been shown extensively and is pretty much bomb proof. One morning I lead her out of the barn with just a rope over her neck (have been doing this forever) but this morning the rope fell off her neck and there was a small loop in the end of the rope (would never have thought her foot would go through it...but it did. I just quietly and firmly said Whoa --- and she did--thankfully.
    I often have put a rope around her fetlocks, just to lift her feet---then the big payoff---no panic with a rope around her feet.
    I also have a big 2 yr. old gelding and have done the same training with him, mostly because he is big and strong and not always great at picking up his back feet. Picking up his feet with a rope has been super helpful and nothing moving or falling around his feet bothers him.
    Ropes can help with training if used cautiously. I also taught him to come off the pressure with a rope behind his rump because as you know the first time you have a loading issue at a show, etc., someone will put a rope around his rump, so why not teach your horse to load this way at home, when you lots of time, even if you never use it.
    Always love your show

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