The First Live Morning Show for the Horse Addicted

The first live morning show with an equine theme. A light, lively, entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it. Hosted by Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings and produced by Coach Jenn. (see hosts bio). The show will include entertaining conversation, out of the ordinary guests, numerous regular horse related segments, listener call in, contests, giveaways and so much more.

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HITM for 10-01-2014 – Horse Types List, David Saunders on Bolting, Eventing vs. Dressage Trivia

On today’s show Glenn has a crappy list of horse types and David Saunders answers a listeners’s oh crap by pony is bolting question. In the third half of the show Taren Atkinson playing for Helen Woodward Animal Center tries her hand at trivia with hilarious results. Listen in…

Horses in the Morning Special Episode: Sandy Lovato Stampede of Dreams Memorial Concert with Templeton Thompson

Special Episode: We are thrilled to provide you with the audio of the Sandy Lovato Stampede of Dreams Memorial Concert with Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay. Join us for some wonderful music to honor a very special woman and the organization she put her heart and soul into. Listen in…

HITM for 09-29-2014 by Omega Alpha Equine – Runaway Scooter, Edward Demoted, Equestrian Disciplines Explained, LA Masters

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition Glenn and Jamie duke it out with their hair raising weekend adventure stories. Mid show the Wacky World of Horse Nation decodes equestrian disciplines and waxes poetic about bad horses. Rounding our Monday trifecta of horse happenings Susan Friedland-Smith takes us on a tour of the LA Masters Horse Show. Listen in..

HITM for 09-26-2014 by Kentucky Performance Products – Lakota Lace USDF Res. Champ, Presley’s Letter, Broken Unicorn 4 Sale

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products Freestyle Friday edition Shannon Dahmer stops by to tell us about winning the USDF Reserve Championship in Region 5. A couple of truth is stranger than fiction headlines and lists fill the middle of the show and Really Bad Ads hits the laugh button a broken unicorn for sale and a horse that is easy to handle in the rain. Listen in…

HITM for 09-25-2014 by Biostar – Kim Baker Reads Edward, Rotational Diets, Whole Horse Healing, Intro To Accupressure

On today’s show Kim Baker joins Glenn for a fun filled exploration of the special bond between horses, animals and humans. Starting things out Jamie’s horse Edward is our first ever live reading on the show. Guests include Tigger from Biostar US on rotational diets for dogs, Lizzy Meyer talks about whole horse healing and Nancy Zidonis fills us in on accupressure. Listen in…

HITM for 09-24-2014 by Back On Track – Horse vs. Human Physiology, H&C TV Report, Donkey Abduction-NOT!

On today’s show its horse vs. human with Rutgers Equine Center’s Dr. McKeever, Horse & Country TV’s latest posts and Mary Miller Jordan plays trivia. Filling in the negative space, stuff like this: My Little Pony Nominated to Hall of Fame, Git-R-Done Foundation Builds A Barn and Women Riders Perform Miserably at Equestrian Event. Uh-Oh. Listen in…

HITM for 09-23-2014 – Classic Tuesday: Hilarious Horse Headlines, Mistakes List, Sudden Siegfried Saddle

On today’s Classic Tuesday we re-visit a no holds barred foray into fun and games from 2013. In order to preserve the few shreds of sanity still remaining in place behind the microphones, Glenn & Jamie freestyle it for the whole show, taking on whatever too weird to be made up headlines, laugh inducing crappy lists, or outrageous stories that suit their fancy. Listen in…

HITM for 09-22-2014 by Omega Alpha Equine – New York’s New Equestrian Tradition, Equestrians Anonymous at Horse Nation

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition recent headlines feature California Chrome loosing a bit of his shine and a new way to loose money betting on the ponies. Mid show loyal listener and NYC native Ellen tells us about how much fun New Yorkers had at the Central Park Horse Show. Riding drag, the Wacky World of Horse Nation offers us a new way to whine about our horse habit. Listen in…

HITM for 09-19-2014 by Kentucky Performance Products – Woodbine Racetrack, Road to the Horse Doubles Down, Central Park Horse Show

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products Freestyle Friday edition we’ve got a jammed packed show. Guests include Woodbine Racetrack racing secretary Steve Lym, Tootie Bland with a big announcement about Road To The Horse and Emily Thompson tells us all about being at the Central Park Horse Show. Really Bad Ads hits the laugh button with chickens for trade and one mean turkey. Listen in…

HITM for 09-18-2014 by NATRC – Trail Do’s & Don’ts, Betsy Zimmerman The Natural Hoof, Newbie Misten Milligan

On today’s NATRC Trail Ride Thursday we have a lot of fun with a Trail Ride Do’s & Don’ts list and learn about the HiTie. Guests include Betsy Zimmerman who talks about natural hoof care for trail horses and Misten Milligan shares stories about being an NATRC newbie. Listen in…

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    Breeders Cup Names Its Chosen Charity Ahead of October

    Charity City of Hope has been named as the official charity of this year’s 2014 Breeders’ Cup World Championships, it has been confirmed.

    Celebrity Trivia Challenge

    Every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am Eastern a horsey Celebrity plays a three round trivia match against a Horse Radio Network listener.  Win fantastic prizes and should the celebrity win the prizes are donated to the celebrity’s charity of choice. SIGN UP TO PLAY today, it is simple: 1.  Fill out the form below. 2. […]

    Gold Cup 2014: What’s In Store At Cheltenham

    The Cheltenham Gold Cup is once again almost upon us and once again it’s Bobs Worth who is the horse to beat. Just a little under two months away, the nine-year-old heads 36 entries for the Cup and is unbeaten at the Festival in three successive races, taking the 2011 Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle and the 2012 RSA Chace, before taking the cup in an astonishing win last year.

    August 30 Races At Chester

    In looking ahead to upcoming horse races, it can be a bit hard to sort through the pile and focus on the favourites. The bottom line is, there are so many races going on throughout the UK at a given time, that those who wish to really follow horses and bet on races need to be on their toes, keeping track of daily matches and events. That said, however, most of us like to save our betting activity and sport following for the weekends, and with that in mind, here’s a look ahead at some of this coming Friday’s (August 30) races in the UK, and specifically at Chester. Keep in mind that betting may not be open yet for these matches, but as the week wears on you should see odds opening up on Betfair news and local racing sites. On to the races!

    Creating the Ideal Environment for Your Horse

    Regardless of your reason for keeping horses, it is important to provide them with a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Whether you intend to train them as race horses or simply keep them as beloved family pets, they will need to be given a home where they are stimulated and offered the very finest in nutritional food. With this in mind, it is crucial that you maintain a functional and practically laid out stable that provides your horses with enough space to life comfortably on a daily basis.

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