The First Live Morning Show for the Horse Addicted

The first live morning show with an equine theme. A light, lively, entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it. Hosted by Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings and produced by Coach Jenn. (see hosts bio). The show will include entertaining conversation, out of the ordinary guests, numerous regular horse related segments, listener call in, contests, giveaways and so much more.

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HITM for 10-24-2014 by Kentucky Performance Products – Anna Lennard, The Gentle Barn, Freseron 4 Sale

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products Freestyle Friday edition horse gal and musician Anna Lennard trades Hanson stories with Jamie to get things started. Mid show Gentle Barn founder Ellie Laks stops by for a chat and we find out how Holy Cow got his name. Post script, Really Bad Ads offers up a Freseron with race potential. Listen in…

HITM for 10-23-2014 by Biostar – Kim Baker Reads Conga, Hind Gut Ulcers, JJ Tate Whole Horse Training

On today’s show Kim Baker shows up a little sleep deprived, leading to a hilarious comparison of Glenn to a Skunk. Next up listener Ute’s horse Conga has a lot to say in her reading and then we hear from Tigger from BioStar US about hind gut ulcers. Mid show JJ Tate talks about training the whole hors and finishing up we talk about Halloween costumes and safety. Listen in…

HITM for 10-22-2014 – Lady Gaga Headlines, H&C TV, Inflammation Research, Flex’n Fork Inventor

On today’s show Lady Gaga buys and sells, Dr. Malinowski from Rutgers reveals new research into inflammation, H&C TV hits the headlines, and Equitee Flex’n Fork inventor stops by to talk about his ‘other life’. Listen in…

HITM for 10-21-2014 by Certified Horsemanship Assoc. – CHA Annual Conference Preview, The Art of “Feel”

On this month’s Certified Horsemanship Association training episode we get a taste of what’s coming up at the CHA Annual Conference as this year’s keynote speaker Emmy Award winner Darley Newman from Equitrekking stops by for a chat. Next up Joanne Young & Cheryl Rohnke-Kronsberg talk about ‘feel’. What is feel and exercises on and off the horse to develop and improve it. Listen in…

HITM for 10-20-2014 by Omega Alpha Equine – Edward Goes Sideways, Breeder’s Cup 1st Look, Equine Costume Quiz

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition Glenn and Jamie start out by sharing flying adventure stories. Mid show Marion Altieri helps us with our first look at Breeder’s Cup contenders for 2014 and finishing out on this least trusted day of the week, the Wacky World of Horse Nation has a pony costume pop quiz. Listen in..

HITM for 10-17-2014 by Kentucky Performance Products – Freestyle Mash Up Horsemanship Radio & The Sad Bad Ad

On today’s Kentucky Performance Products Freestyle Friday edition the HITM crew is out and about so tighten your earbuds and enjoy this little mashed up masterpiece. We start out with Debbie Loucks of Horsemanship Radio chatting with Hannah Zapletal who specializes in teaching youth and Monty Roberts Certified instructor Denise Heinlein. Topping out the week an Oscar worthy group of certified used really bad ads, insuring your laugh muscles a good work out before the weekend. Listen in…

HITM for 10-16-2014 by Dixie Midnight No Sweat Vent Pad – NATRC Judge Card Decoded, Trailer Maintenance, Junior Riders

On today’s NATRC Trail Ride Thursday by Midnight Dixie No Sweat Vent Pad co-host Alice Yovich prompts the question ‘What to do when a tornado blocks your path home?’ Moving on from weather woes we begin decoding the NATRC Judge card, chat with junior rider Maggie Steinke, Mark Jones has some trailer maintenance suggestions and to wrap things up we learn all about the Midnight Dixie No Sweat Vent Pad. Listen in…

HITM for 10-15-2014 by Back On Track – Blue Bonnet Horse Expo, on eBay, Trivia

On today’s Back On Track edition EFC Robin joins Glenn for a chat with Dr. Williams about Blue Bonnet Equine’s innovative horse expo, Debi Metcalfe on the Annual eBay auction and a math error causes trivia controversy! Listen in…

HITM for 10-14-2014 – Endurance Day – ICE Your Cell, Leg Protection, Mules & Mustangs Excel in Endurance

Endurance Day with Karen Chaton opens with her usual assortment of endurance adventure stories, tells us how to ICE a cell phone before we get the low down on leg protection from The Distance Depot. Our guests this month highlight the variety of equids that can excel at endurance; Jessica Bishop who competes with her mule Speed Racer and Janet Tipton tells us about her mustang Lady Jasmine. Listen in…

HITM for 10-13-2014 by Omega Alpha Equine – Make Your Horse Hate You, Ribbon Recycling for a Cause, The Buck-n-Bolt

On today’s Omega Alpha Equine edition Glenn and Jamie each vie for most congested host while blowing through several fantastic lists and a bunch of hilarious horse-y headlines. Mid show Sue Copland recycles ribbons for a cause and finishing out on this least trusted day of the week, the Wacky World of Horse Nation creates a horse buck classification list. Listen in..

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    Breeders Cup Names Its Chosen Charity Ahead of October

    Charity City of Hope has been named as the official charity of this year’s 2014 Breeders’ Cup World Championships, it has been confirmed.

    Celebrity Trivia Challenge

    Every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am Eastern a horsey Celebrity plays a three round trivia match against a Horse Radio Network listener.  Win fantastic prizes and should the celebrity win the prizes are donated to the celebrity’s charity of choice. SIGN UP TO PLAY today, it is simple: 1.  Fill out the form below. 2. […]

    Gold Cup 2014: What’s In Store At Cheltenham

    The Cheltenham Gold Cup is once again almost upon us and once again it’s Bobs Worth who is the horse to beat. Just a little under two months away, the nine-year-old heads 36 entries for the Cup and is unbeaten at the Festival in three successive races, taking the 2011 Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle and the 2012 RSA Chace, before taking the cup in an astonishing win last year.

    August 30 Races At Chester

    In looking ahead to upcoming horse races, it can be a bit hard to sort through the pile and focus on the favourites. The bottom line is, there are so many races going on throughout the UK at a given time, that those who wish to really follow horses and bet on races need to be on their toes, keeping track of daily matches and events. That said, however, most of us like to save our betting activity and sport following for the weekends, and with that in mind, here’s a look ahead at some of this coming Friday’s (August 30) races in the UK, and specifically at Chester. Keep in mind that betting may not be open yet for these matches, but as the week wears on you should see odds opening up on Betfair news and local racing sites. On to the races!

    Creating the Ideal Environment for Your Horse

    Regardless of your reason for keeping horses, it is important to provide them with a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Whether you intend to train them as race horses or simply keep them as beloved family pets, they will need to be given a home where they are stimulated and offered the very finest in nutritional food. With this in mind, it is crucial that you maintain a functional and practically laid out stable that provides your horses with enough space to life comfortably on a daily basis.

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